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Service Types
오피스(프라이빗) 이미지
Private Office
﹒ KRW 350K/m~
﹒ 24h/365d
1 ~ 4+
자유석(라운지) 이미지
﹒ KRW 200K/m
﹒ 24h/365d
주소(비상주) 이미지
Flex Office
﹒ KRW 60K ~ 80K/m
﹒ Biz Registration
회의실(대관) 이미지
Meeting Room
﹒ KRW 25K/h~
(Non Member)
1 ~ 10+
Centum City
Centum City Station | Office & Lounge
Green City
Jang San Station | Office & Lounge
With one membership, access all branches
For members, lounges of all branches are open for free of charge. Meeting rooms of all branches can be booked with given credit as well.
Long Term Discount (Lounge Plus)
For the long term engagement, discount from 5% to 20%
Payment on Kiosk (Lounge)
Lounge can be paid on Kiosk at the entrance. (Day Pass is also available)