Coworking Office Space

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Be Extraordinary!

Nomad offers creative working environments pursuing extraordinary spirits. Nomad was built on the idea that environments dominate the spirit. We want to redefine the way work is done. That’s why we’ve cultivated a community of diversified business people. Exchanging inspiration and energy with unique people will lead you to be more extraordinary and accelerate the growth of your business.

Nomad Member Benefits

  • State of art meeting rooms with
    various sizes available anytime

  • Cozy lounge and relaxing spaces
    improving work efficiency

  • On/Offline networking among
    tenants supported by Nomad

  • Various business support and benefits
    offered by Nomad partners

  • 1 Low Security Deposit Low as 3 months rent security deposit, no need to leave a big amount of money.
  • 2 No Maintenance Fee No additional cost at all, including utilities like electricity and water.
  • 3 Flexible Term Giving one month notice before evacuating is all you need.
  • 4 Refined Interior Refinedness of premium hotel and comfort of Starbucks.
  • 5 Prime Location Located at the very heart of Centum City, Haeundae. Most prime business district.